Our Story

Easyshoppa was created to fill a gap in the grocery delivery marketplace.

As a first-generation immigrant, I grew up in Nigeria eating traditional meals and emigrated to the UK in my early twenties. Growing up in middle-class Nigeria and being well traveled, I was accustomed to Western food but soon realized there was nothing like the traditional meals I grew up with.

Shopping for ethnic groceries has always been a chore, driving miles in search of authentic ingredients to create that traditional meal.

This is the experience of most immigrant communities, from Brazil, Romania to South Africa and beyond. We all long for our traditional dishes, want to recreate our childhood memories and pass the recipes on to our children.

Being a busy working mom, convenience is key and since discovering online shopping many years ago, I haven’t looked back. But I find I still have to travel to the local shops to find my ethnic ingredients.

Many ethnic stores are small mom and pop businesses who do not have the budget, time or expertise to launch an online store or to arrange delivery to customers.

Easyshoppa was created to simplify this process for ethnic stores and to bring convenience to customers shopping for those ingredients required to create a taste of home.

Our mission is simply to create a convenient online shopping and delivery experience for our customers, allowing them to share their culture with the people that matter.

We aim to equip our ethnic stores, the overlooked independents that are indispensable resources for many ethnic communities, and help keep small businesses alive.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!